Glenn Frey Quotes - on drug use

They Move It Through Miami, Sell It in L.A.
On drug use

"Sometimes [drugs] make you smart, sometimes they make you stoopid." (Melody Maker 1985)

"When you blow your nose and your handkerchief looks like the flag of Japan, you know you're doing too much." (1986)

"I used to think, like most kids, that more interesting things go on at night, or that you have an edge if you take the right chemicals. Now I know it just isn't true." (Toronto Star 1988)

"When I gave up snorting I found I didn't need to drink anymore and started to behave like a human being again." (Independent 1992)

"Oh, yeah, [I've lost friends to cocaine addiction.] Sometimes the ones that die are the lucky ones. It's the guys who are still walking around semi-brain dead that's kind of depressing." (Arsenio Hall Interview 1993)


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