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On Heroes
"I don’t know that we should always have heroes. We tend to make too much out of them. The people we usually call heroes aren't heroes at all. The heroes, to me, are the Albert Schweitzers of the world, those who strive for peace, and also my dad, y'know…to me a hero’s a guy who goes out and busts his ass for 10 hours a day five days a week so his kid has school clothes, so his kid can get an education. These are the kind of people we should look up to, people who work hard for a living and sacrifice and give some of themselves. It’s unfortunate that we always seem to make heroes of popular entertainers and people with money. Money is seldom accompanied by taste." (Melody Maker 1985)

On Sex
"[Sex is] over-rated, over-discussed and, as far as casual sex, I think God has figured out a way to cut down on it – AIDS and herpes." (Melody Maker 1985)

On Divorce
"Actually, love has nothing to do with money. Until the end..." (1988)

On How Eating a Cheeseburger is Like Sex
"Can't wait to get a good cheeseburger. It's so funny... I went to the Hard Rock [in London] and I went to the American Disaster - I got my hamburger - and I picked it up with my hands. Which is what we do, you know - french fries and hamburgers, man, to hell with utensils! You just pick 'em up with your hands and all these people in the restaurants look at you like - 'Whew! What's he doing?!' I see these people with the hamburger, man... You gotta get messy or it ain't no fun! It's just like makin' love!" (London 1973)

"It’s an interesting concept and something we definitely have to deal with now. It’s a very good promotional tool. The only thing wrong with MTV I guess is that sometimes videos take your imagination away because you get to see the music – sometimes that’s good, sometimes it’s not." (Melody Maker 1985)

On Pets
"I have three dogs and a cat. I like pets. All they ask you to do is love 'em. " (Melody Maker 1985)

On Sports
"When I'm forty I hope to have a ten year old son so I could be coach of his team. God didn't give me legs long enough for professional sports, but he did bless me with music. [...] Baseball is the American way." (Circus 1975)

"I try to be flexible. I'm like Don Shula (coach of the Miami Dolphins). I've got a game plan, but I can coach during the game, too. I wonder how many people in rock and roll know the value of sports to a total understanding of life? (Laughs)" (BAM 1982)

"You can tell a great deal more about a person by the way they conduct themselves on a softball field than you can by going out to dinner with them. I mean, how do they deal with an error? Or getting picked off? Or popping out with the bases loaded? That's when you see what kind of makeup an individual has. Being a musician is a lot like being an athlete." (1988)

On Aspen
"I've been trying to move here since 1975. My life has a lot better balance here. It's kind of cleared up my head and let me look at the world around me with a different perspective." (Detroit Free Press 1992)

"When Geffen first signed The Eagles in 1971, they sent us up there to play a bar for a month to sharpen up, and I said then that's where I'll buy my first house." (Independent 1992)

"[Regarding how trendy Aspen has become] Unfortunately, you can’t put a padlock on paradise. It’d be just like getting to Hawaii – and I also am fortunate enough to have another home in Hawaii – and you just can’t go there and say, “OK now, I’m here, this is beautiful, nobody else can come here now. That’s it. Just me, OK? This place is great.” You can’t do that. You can’t close off Aspen, Colorado to Hollywood, and Houston, and New York City, and Chicago, and all the other people that want to come here. Fortunately, though, this is the sort of environment – we only have a town of 6000 people. And if you get in your car and drive one mile out of town, you’re in the mountains. So it’s sort of a nice balance. And I don’t really mind the influx of people from Hollywood and stuff, if that’s what keeps all the store owners and the merchants happy... if it draws tourists to this place, then that’s just all part of it. But Aspen, still, in spite of having all of its - I’d guess you’d say - glitzy drawbacks, we still have a very strict building code. There’s no buildings above three stories. You’ll notice there’s no blatant use of neon. We’re still somehow....we’re trying to hold it down and keep everything as controlled growth. And the other thing I always keep in mind is whereas the rest of Hollywood just owns houses here, I live here. And so, if I have to put up with two weeks of nuttiness during Christmas because Cher and Robin Leach and everybody else is here, I’ll deal with it. I get the other fifty weeks a year here as well. I think that there’s just so many pluses to living here. And I don’t mind a little of the cosmopolitan Hollywood thing. You know, if I wanna go and do a little... I can go to town and see a first-run movie, or I can go to a fancy restaurant and maybe run into somebody I know there... and that’s all part of it." (Strange Weather Promotional Interview 1992)


On The Golf Channel
"[It]is the best thing that's happened to me in a long time. We literally keep it on 24 hours a day. We never move the satellite. The Golf Channel Academy ... I get up at 7 in the morning to see the Nike tour, LPGA or a European tournament that might not be on the [other] networks. I'm thankful it's here.'' ("Conversations with Ann Liguori" 1996)


On Ticket Prices
"I'm a Laker season-ticket holder, OK. One floor seat for one game to watch the under -.500 Lakers play costs $500. The Eagles get together once every 14 years, so I think $115, parking included, is not too much to ask. It's all relative. We're competitive with the Stones and Pink Floyd, and we're cheaper than Streisand. We don't have corporate sponsorship - we turned down millions for that because we're not a corporate rock band. And clearly the response has been tremendous." (Rolling Stone 1994)

On Y2K and the New Millennium

"You remember the Millennium and the accompanying Y2K scare, don't you? The world was supposed to come to a screeching halt and everyone's money would be lost in some computer black hole. There would be no water or power - and NO CABLE! I've yet to hear an apology, public or private, from a single one of those Y2K alarmists admitting their 'Chicken Little' mistakes. I still wonder what they're going to do with all the canned tuna and toilet paper they amassed." (Artist's Notes 2000)

"One of those 'gutter-ific,' television tabloid shows listed our Millennium concert at Staples Center as one of those top five sites for terrorism. Thanks a lot." (Artist's Notes 2000)

"In my humble opinion, December 31, 1999 was the best 24 hours of live television ever. Afflicted as I was with bomb squad paranoia and screeching-halt syndrome, I turned on CNN that morning to see how the world was doing. I believe the first image I saw on the screen was of these beautiful dancers, live from Thailand. CNN then proceeded to show New Year's celebrations from around the globe - time zone by time zone, country by country, continent by continent. I think I watched for about four hours - and it wasn't even football! When midnight changed 'snafu-free' in Moscow, I figured so much for the screeching halt theory." (Artist's Notes 2000)


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