Glenn Frey Quotes - on women

Women on My Mind
On the opposite sex

"The real test for a man is learning to respect and like women." (Rolling Stone 1975)

"I constantly ask myself what I think of women. Lately I've been feeling less physical. I'm through my playmate period, ya know, where you meet a real pretty girl and immediately attach all these great qualities to her. But women are objects for men, whether or not sex objects. They're a goal - that's the way we're brought up. Maybe there's something wrong with that." (Rolling Stone 1979)

"I think having a lot of women impresses the other guys more than it impresses the guy who may be the skirt-chaser, or the guy who has the catalogue of girlfriends who dig him - whatever the stereotype is, the rock'n'roll playboy kind of person. Hey, there's nothing better than being in love with someone else. It's not somebody loving you - that may make everybody else envious, but the only feeling that really works is when you love somebody. It's when you get up and care about somebody." (Jim Ladd Innerview 1982)

"Except for a few guitar chords everything I've learned in my life that is of any value I've learned from women." (Interview Magazine 1986)


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