I Love to Play - Jake Trout and the Flounders

Struggler's Blues
written: G. Frey and J. Tempchin; new lyrics: Peter Jacobsen
guitars: G. Frey
lead vocals: Peter Jacobsen and G. Frey
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I knew that there'd be trouble, trouble here today
Anxiety's building and it wouldn't go away
Always try to fight it but that target's looking small
Got a funny feeling that I'm gonna miss 'em all
I got a lot of questions, I'd love to find out why
Got to make some sense of this someday before I die
Bring some relief to this damaged sense of pride
I can't believe I'm into this
I really hate to lose
Asking forgiveness
Got the Struggler's Blues...Struggler's Blues

I'm practicing for hours...my hands are feeling raw
From the tee box to the drop box, I hope nobody saw
Trying to find the magic, work my fingers to the bone
I need some inspiration
Wish I wasn't so alone
It's awfully important
It's such a big deal
Just to make a birdie, man, I'd beg, borrow or steal
If you've never been there, you don't know how I feel
I see its shadow all around me, there's nothing I can do
It's the ultimate embarrassment
It's the Struggler's Blues...Struggler's Blues

I don't understand it - I can feel it come my way
It's somehow inside me and it doesn't go away
Going through the motions - I really love to play
Hard to break the habit, I'm afraid they're here to stay
I'm gonna keep on fighting, try to work it through
I got dreams like any other, there's just nothing I can do
All this stress leaves my ego bruised, black & blue...black & blue
I got a lousy disposition, something I don't choose
It's nobody's business
It's the Struggler's Blues


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