Part of Me, Part of You (1991)
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"Plot" Summary : Not much to this video, since it originally was made for the Thelma and Louise Soundtrack. Like The Heat Is On, it's Glenn playing and singing interspersed with clips from the movie, the latter taking up more time than the former. He seems to be in a farmhouse, barn, or old building of sorts, most often next to a large window where we can see blue sky and a bit of land behind him. A couple of times we see him in the back of a truck traveling down the highway, or on a porch. A nice touch is often we see the handwritten lyrics projected behind him, and for one scene pages of those handwritten lyrics are clipped to a clothesline as he sits nearby looking contemplative (the best scene in the video - too bad it's only for one second). At the very end he walks away with the lyrics projected against the sky. Other than the fact that he's not in it enough, and that many times he's obscured by shadows, it's nicely done.


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