South of Sunset: Satyricon Screen Captures
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We first meet Cody on a "matrimonial"

Back at the office

"I have to take these sleazy jobs to pay the rent."

"Ugh, it's that bail bondsman wanting me to do a skip trace."

"Forget it. I'm not doing skip traces anymore."

"Well, I guess I could use the money. OK."

Cody bails out Ziggy

"You'll do more than give me an address - you'll take me to Luther!"

Hearing about the case from Paul and Janice

Janice: "Do we have to tell him about this?!"

Janice: "It's not a good idea to pay blackmail? Is it a good idea to ruin my daughter's life?"

Meeting with the plastic surgeon whose wife he's watching

"I'll go ahead and find out who the cheater is, but I hate doing this."

Cody and Ziggy get shot at by bus driver

"What the...?!"

Ziggy takes off while Cody is otherwise occupied.

"Don't you EVER run away from me again!"

Reporting the incident to Det. Frank.

Cody listens impatiently to Frank talking about how great it is to be a Beverly Hills cop and how much better he is than PIs.

Going to a set to talk to Stacy

"She's here filming a commercial."

"I understand how success can be stressful... I've worked with a lot of people in the entertainment business."

"What can you tell me about that night?"

"I'm sorry, Stacy."

"Let's Go."

After Cody beats up the star who harrassed Gina
"Stick to Shakespeare in the park."

Visiting the 'hood

"Not exactly rolling out the red carpet for us."

While waiting to see Luther's aunt - bus driver attacks!

Back at the office again

Sheepishly listening to lecture from wife of plastic surgeon

Questioning the slave driver tennis coach

"You won't have much cash once Stacy grows up, will ya?"

Cody watches coach stride off without much surprise.

Going to see the aunt

"A truce between the gangs? That'll be the day."

"It's not up to me whether Luther winds up in jail."

Back at the office

Cody saves Ziggy from the bail bondsman.

Stakeout for the plastic surgeon's wife again

Oh no! It's a set up by the psycho bus driver, her lover!

Yay! Ziggy came back and rescused Cody!

"Doctor, your wife is innocent, OK? Never call me again."

"Tear that guy's number out of my Rolodex!"

"Hmm, Paul and Janice stayed in separate rooms on the reconcilation trip?"

Going to the hotel where Stacy woke up

"I need your help, Ziggy."

"Talk or I'm making you a part of the video on this TV!"

"Tell us what you know!"

The bad girl revealed

"It's Janice."

"Don't try to deny it. The guy at the hotel talked."

Cody comforts his friend after the bad news.


Luther comes to Cody's place

"If you're gonna kill me, do it."

"Hey, I won't turn you in. Go make peace, Luther."

"Ziggy, want to work for me doing the matrimonials?"

Gazing at John Wayne billboard outside of window

Contemplating the view of the city at night.


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