Episode 4: "High Dollar Bop"
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The OCB guys are still unsure about duping Diana and Bobby, especially since they had to pay for Diana to go to the Caribbean to get away from Winston. However, Vinnie's sure it's going to pan out. He's sent Bobby to Japan to check on distribution.

Back at Radiance Records, Claudia accuses Winston of cheating on her with Diana. They fight, then have sex, in their usual pattern.

Meanwhile, Isaac, Amber, and Vinnie worry about trying to find new acts while Diana is gone. Vinnie suggests Eddie Tempest, Winston's latest acquisition. He knows Eddie is unhappy and feeling stifled, and he believes they can get Eddie with the right bait.

That bait includes Monroe Blue. Monroe spends money as fast as he can make it, and he's always ready for work. He also likes Vinnie and Bobby and wants to help them stick it to Newquay. Turns out he and Johnny Medley are old friends. Johnny Medley is the other half of the bait. Vinnie hopes that by dangling both Blue and Medley in front of Eddie and promising creative freedom, they'll win him over.

It seems to work. They visit Eddie in his favorite hangout, a local pool hall, and pitch the idea to him. Monroe even gives him a pep talk about songwriting. Eddie says if they can get him out of his contract, he'll go to Shakala. All seems well... until Eddie goes to Winston and throws the new deal in his face. When Winston hears that Medley is helping Vinnie steal Eddie from him, he's enraged. He finds Medley after Medley has had to deal with Tanya's principal about her drinking in class. To the audience's horror, Winston orders Medley to be thrown off a building.

Across the globe, Bobby has found out something disturbing in Japan. He calls Vinnie to report that Isaac is ripping them off. He's put out black market copies of Diana's single and is selling them overseas, keeping all the profits for himself. VInnie promises retribution, but before he can act on it, he gets a call from Tanya about Johnny.

Johnny's back has been broken from the fall. He's in the hospital in bad shape, but he'll survive. Vinnie arranges for him to be taken out of the country and hidden so that Newquay's hoods can't finish the job.

Then, Vinnie confronts Isaac. Isaac promises to share the profits with both Vinnie and Bobby, so all is forgiven. The two go off to play cards with Winston. Again, things seem to be going Isaac and Vinnie's way. Isaac keeps taking in money, winning again and again. Then, Winston raises the stakes beyond what Isaac can afford. Positive he'll win and unable to walk away, Isaac wagers Shakala.... and loses.

Now Vinnie works for Winston. Winston can't fire him because his contract says that he, Bobby, and Diana are part of the deal. Winston snaps that he has his lawyers working on that, but Vinnie says that he can be useful to Winston, and with Claudia in agreement, he persuades them to give him a chance.

As Isaac and Amber clean out their desks, Isaac is philosophical. He'd been suffering from a malaise recently, leaving the company to Amber while he spent all his time gambling. Now, he finally seems invigorated by the challenge of creating a new company from scratch. But before he starts anew, he wants vengeance on the MusicBlitz guy who ripped him off with the bogus record returns. The OCB is watching the shop, however, and when Isaac starts beating up the MusicBlitz guy, they have to stop him and wind up taking him to jail. Frank works on him to get him to help with the investigation into Newquay, but he's being difficult. One good thing has come of all this, though: Vinnie now is right in the heart of the corruption he wishes to expose.


Solo Filmography :: Wiseguy